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As I sit on my balcony this cloudy and cool Saturday morning, all of the events of 2011 are flowing through my mind. What a change this year has brought! I recall thinking through various scenarios this past spring, trying to decide whether I wanted to stay in Washington, DC and help the entrepreneurial community there grow and thrive, move to New York City (or Houston) to become a [social media] Mad Man, or head out west to San Francisco to do the Silicon Valley startup thing. And yet on this 70 degree morning in the middle of Texas I can't imagine being anywhere other than right here in Austin. The last six years working in the media sector have allowed me to experiment and innovate with new forms of storytelling and [...]

About a month ago I was searching around online for some new clothing (as personal friends will know, I've been improving my lifestyle and have lost a fair amount of weight and have a changed body composition). Shortly after sending a tweet about needing some new clothing a representative from Modern Tailor sent me a note asking if I'd be willing to try out their online self-service custom clothing service. How could I say no? Over the next week or so -- I've been crazy busy at work recently -- I worked on designing a new shirt. Over the next week or so -- I've been crazy busy at work recently -- I worked on designing a new shirt. It ended up taking nearly an hour to get everything set [...]

As a product and marketing guy I don't often attempt (nor desire) to touch very much code. I'm thankful however to have been tasked with figuring out how to construct a fan/like-gate for PBS over the last several weeks. Freedom Riders by American Experience is the first show to offer up their content exclusively for fans of PBS on Facebook -- check it out before the app comes down on May 13th. I absolutely would not have been able to create this fan-gated experience without the knowledge shared by those who have attempted to build such a thing previously. The actual construction of a rough in-Facebook fan-only experience was actually fairly straightforward using readily available tutorials across the blogosphere. The devil however, was in the details. You'll find some of [...]

As you may have read here, here, and here, Fortune Magazine's "Fortune 500" issue just hit newsstands -- and guess what? One of the cover stories is an in-depth look at the inner workings of Apple and Steve Jobs. Who can resist a good story about Apple? I sure can't! The folks over at Fortune did a masterful of releasing juicy details about what was in the article to the blogosphere. Being an Apple junkie (aka fan boy), I read at least a half-dozen of those summary posts by other bloggers (This one on Fortune's blog was the post that sent me over the edge wanting more). Once I'd read all of the summaries and snippets I was hungry for more. It turns out, the newsstand and Fortune iPad app [...]

I read several really good blog posts today that clearly articulate the power of location-based social networks for content providers, if you’re a brand marketer you need to be thinking through these issues. If you’re a public media institution, you should be experimenting with these tools. Read these blog posts, then come back here: Why Your Brand Needs to be on Foursquare Foursquare Lets Brands Push Tips to Users Foursquare Launches Location Layers – This will be big I believe that these technologies (not just Foursquare, but all the others as well) present a huge opportunity for local media outlet relevance. What better way to tell our story than to give it to users while it’s contextual in the real-world? No appointment TV, no appointment web, no discovery — just [...]

Well, now that it's February 2010 I've already pretty well given up on that New Years Resolution to blog each week! But... I do have some pretty amazing posts all in various phases of draftiness that will be coming your way over the coming weeks. Here's a preview: The Innovators Dilemma (Public Media Edition) - The Problem The Innovators Dilemma (Public Media Edition) - Solutions What does an "online membership" look like for non-profit organizations? Appointment Web: So crazy it just might work! How do you build a Community of Practice The end of PBS Engage, and what it means to PBS and social media Setting priorities amongst multiple projects Early AP vs. PBS as distributor/connector of content Public media is full of smart community organizers and yet we can't [...]

The National Parks: America's Best Idea: | PBS Ken Burns' latest opus is "The National Parks" which presents the story of our nations most beautiful landscapes (tags: National Parks, PBS, Ken_Burns, TV, education, documentary, national_parks)

Tuesday I gave you a quick summary of Public Media Camp and what it means, today I'd like to walk you through some of the vision behind why #PubCamp, and why now. Personally, I hope that the unconference movement marks a transition in civic and community service volunteerism -- local public media stations have always been great about pulling together volunteers to do things like answer phones during pledge drives, but more and more I hear from stations who wish they had more capacity to do really innovative things online and across platforms. There just isn't enough money and employees to make all of our dreams come true, hopefully PublicMediaCamp can help. We've (and by we, I mean PBS, NPR, the American University Center for Social Media, and iStrategyLabs -- [...]

After several months of chewing on and discussing it, PublicMediaCamp is finally being announced to the public today. Back in March of this year, Andy Carvin, Margaret Rosas, Jen Reeves, and several other passionate supporters of public and community media got together at DrupalCon DC to discuss the future and how tackle it. One thing we all decided on, too many conferences and collaborations between PBS, NPR, and other organizations were too formal and expensive. In the age of the unconference, we had to ask ourselves why we haven't been able to mobilize technology evangelists in the name of public service. And as they say, the rest is history. The first Public Media Camp will be held right here in Washington, DC October 17th and 18th. We hope that this [...]

First off, thank you for sticking with me. I've really done a fantastic job of ignoring my blog for the last several months. In the mean time, I've been spending most of my time over on Twitter where I've amassed a nice little following. In the meantime, there has been a lot of thinking going on in the background as I try to decide where to take my personal site -- and brand -- next. A lof factors are going into this but I decided in summary: Drupal was too ambitious for my personal site, I really like the system and remain a big fan, but I don't have the time to devote to making it work exactly how I want here. WordPress lets me get up and moving quickly, [...]