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Current Project: PBS Engage

Beginning in May 2008 I began working for the Public Broadcasting Service as Associate Product Manager of PBS Engage.

From the Engage web site:

Many of the new technologies we’re talking about—blogs, forums, live discussions, groups, social networks, video and photo sharing sites—are examples of what’s called “social media.” These tools let people communicate with each other about things that matter to them.

We think social media provides PBS with a great opportunity to let viewers and Web users get involved in new ways—commenting on programs, discussing the issues they raise, speaking directly to producers and stations, rating what’s on the air and online, forming fan groups, and doing other things we haven’t thought of yet.

We like to think the goal of Engage is to get the public more involved with public broadcasting.

As product manager for the social media team I managed the product and services roadmap and oversaw the development of a suite of social media tools for use by PBS.org as well as the over 350 local PBS member stations.

Featured Product Releases:

  • Comments Engine (enabling ‘blog style’ commenting on any PBS web page).
  • UGC Story Submission Tool (enabling users to submit text, images, and video to PBS member stations around programming events).
  • Social Bookmarking button (enabling users to submit and save their favorite PBS web pages).

Other Projects:

  • Creation of a suite of best practices documentation covering topics from blogging, YouTube, Facebook, social media branding, strategy, and more.
  • Consulting work for PBS member stations ranging from small, medium, and large markets on how to more effectively interact and share with their online audiences.
  • Authored posts on the Engage Blog.